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Services We Offer January 12, 2012

Floral Design

We’ve always admired the vast variety and colorful spectrum of flowers.  If you think about it, so many moods can be evoked from such a simple and prevalent material. Our team is not florists and never started out that way. We’re Designers. For us, Floral is the main component that bridges the gap between the design in their mind and the final outcome of the event. Our goal is to provide an alternative to the old traditional florist. We do this in a couple of ways. First, no two designs are the same and no design is ever reused.  We provide uniquely customized floral designs.  And they are yours forever, ensuring no one will have the same event as you did. Second, our studio is devoted to the sourcing of the very highest quality floral from all over the world. Our floral comes fresh with in days of your event ensuring the biggest and brightest blooms. Lastly, we are committed to designing to this generation, not older styles.  To do this, we are constantly is a state of growth and networks heavily with the hottest designers in the country. Our team promises will provide elegance, perfection, and customized designs all within your reach.

Lighting Design

Lighting can be a design element in and of itself, with or without other event design services. It’s an undercover component that you are unaware is shaping your visual experience from the moment your guests arrive.  Intricate patterns and custom designs can create a sense of movement, accent a theme, or intensify the party while textured washes and up lighting can give a space a dramatic glow, infuse color, or simply highlight features within the venue. The definition of successful lighting design varies depending on what its purpose is – Are you trying to create a festive and electrifying atmosphere that invites your guests to dance the night away? Or perhaps you are looking to evoke a sense of intimacy and elegance amongst them upon entering?  Geri and her team are certain to capture mood through the lighting design we present to you.

Design & Décor Services

Décor is what makes your event undeniably yours and is what sets it apart from the rest. When Geri designs a wedding, she takes extra care to create meaningful details for the bride, groom and their loved ones. Geri’s wedding designs are uniquely customized to your desires, and she makes sure that the bride and groom have options and know exactly what their big day will look like. Geri and her team will provide comprehensive design services with specific and detailed design concepts for every single element of your wedding including furniture, centerpieces, candles, drapes, tablecloths, chair covers, glasses, dishware, lighting and specialty decor such as set design and printed screens.  No matter what it takes, Geri and her team promise to give you a spectacular wedding.  Let us take you on a journey to your dream event, one innovation at a time.

Production & Direction Services

Gerilyn Gianna knows that stunning designs are just the beginning.  Geri and her team will take care of your event through every step of the production process.  They will explain all of your options and make decisions with you, never for you.  Should we produce your event, they’ll secure the perfect location, manage site logistics, source and hire entertainment, handle all food, beverage and service needs, assist with selecting photographers and videographers, consult and manage all printed materials for the event, and even arrange hotels, transportation and security for you and your guests.  Geri can certainly direct your event on that day rather than produce it.  She will ensure that the vision you’ve created will be executed to perfection.  Hours before the event, she will ensure all décor and vendors are set up.  As the event moves forward, we will coordinate every step so you can simply sit back and be a guest at your own party!


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